A Guide to Dating Indonesian Brides

Speaking of beautiful Asian ladies, it is impossible not to mention Indonesian brides. These ladies from Southeast Asia mesmerize men with their exotic beauty and cheerful character. So, no wonder they are quite popular among Western men who are looking for Asian girlfriends.

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Do you want to know what attracts foreign men the most to Indonesian women? Reading this article, you will find out many facts about the beauty and personality of Indonesian girls, their culture, and wedding traditions. Also, we will share some tips with you on dating hot Indonesian brides. Let’s get started!

What Do Foreign Men Like in Indonesian Brides?

There are a lot of reasons why Indonesian women get a lot of attention from foreigners. Because of the influence of the cultural values centered around family and mindset different from Western girls’, Indonesian girls seem unique and attractive, especially to men who are looking for exotic ladies. Let’s take a look at the main characteristics that Western men like in Indonesian mail order brides.

Indonesian Brides Are Sweet and Feminine

Who doesn’t want to have a romantic and attentive girlfriend who will surround you with love? Indonesian girls attract men with feminine energy and all the love and attention they bring to their beloved ones.

Those who have ever dated an Indonesian girl admit that these women are extremely sweet and romantic in relationships. They like to show their affection with attention to small details, your preferences, or anything you tell them.

What is important, Indonesian girls for marriage are never annoying, as they don’t try to constantly be around you or treat you as a kid. They are just open and honest with their partners and aren’t afraid of showing their romantic feelings with romantic gestures and attention.

Indonesian Women Are Smart and Interesting

Are you dreaming about a girlfriend with whom you can talk all night long? An Indonesian girl will be a great girlfriend for you then. Indonesian women are well-educated, quite witty, and talkative, which makes them interesting to others. They don’t mind talking with strangers and making new friends, so it is very easy to become a friend to an Indonesian lady.

It is never boring to communicate with Indonesian singles, as they are friendly, smart, and funny. They like to tell foreigners about their country and Indonesian culture or discuss controversial topics. A lot of men like how friendly and smart local ladies are, as communication and mutual interests are very important for building stable relationships.

Indonesian Brides Are Perfect for Serious Relationships

If you are looking not for hookups but long-term relationships, mail order brides from Indonesia are a perfect choice. Due to the reason that Indonesia is a religious and quite conservative county, most local women tend to start only serious relationships.

Indonesian wives and girlfriends are extremely loyal to their partners and never cheat on them. These ladies are respectful and want to build trustful relationships, so put all their effort into working on existing problems instead of avoiding them.

Also, a lot of local girls don’t mind being housewives, which is not that common for Western ladies. Thus, men who see their perfect married life with a girl who manages the household and raises kids while a man earns money, frequently choose Indonesian brides for marriage.

The Beauty of Indonesian Women

A lot of people consider Indonesian women as one of the most beautiful in Asia. And it is not surprising, as these girls possess alluring beauty with distinctive Asian features complemented with Hispanic features.

Such a mixture of Asian and Latina blood draws the attention of foreigners and becomes one of the reasons why many Western men are so obsessed with Indonesian ladies. Let’s take a closer look at the beauty of these women.

beautiful indonesian woman

What Do Indonesian Girls Look Like?

The natural beauty of Indonesian girls is fascinating, indeed. They have tanned skin, big brown eyes, and dark straight, usually long, hair. Also, a lot of men like their soft facial features, which make Indonesian women look extremely cute.

What distinguishes them from East Asian girls is this alluring mixture of Asian and Spanish features. Thus, beautiful women from Indonesia usually have seductive figures with sexy curves. Of course, all girls there are different and possess unique beauty, but the features we mention are the most typical for Indonesian ladies.

What Is the Lifestyle of Local Girls?

Indonesian mail order brides are self-confident ladies who know how beautiful they are. They like their natural beauty and usually don’t try to hide or change it with makeup or cosmetic surgeries. Also, most Indonesian women prefer more reserved clothes that highlight their femininity but don’t show much to draw some attention.

What helps women from Indonesia look amazing is their lifestyle. Different kinds of sports are highly popular among Indonesians, especially yoga and pilates. Also, local women know how to take care of their skin and make it look healthy, radiant, and flawless with simple natural products.

These ladies are gorgeous and elegant. When you meet some of these Asian women, you will understand that their character fully fits their outer beauty.

Dating Culture of Indonesian People

In different cultures dating includes many unique rules and traditions. And dating Indonesian brides may be totally different from what you are used to in Western countries. Thus, it is crucial to know some main rules that will help you on a date with an Indonesian woman. What Indonesian beauties will expect from you on the first date? Keep reading to find out the answers.

Men Should Make the First Move

While in the US and other Western countries girls can ask men on a date, or start talking with them, such behavior is very uncommon in Indonesia. There, a man is expected to make the first move if he likes a girl. Thus, you shouldn’t wait for a girl to start talking to you. It is very unlikely, especially if she likes you. It will be better if you start a conversation first and ask her on a date.

PDA Is a Taboo

Like in many other countries located in South East Asia, any kind of public display of affection is frowned upon by society. You will rarely meet couples holding hands on the streets in Indonesia and will never see someone kissing or hugging.

You have to remember this unspoken rule and behave appropriately in public. Otherwise, your Indonesian girl will be very confused and embarrassed. Reputation is pretty important for Indonesians and they won’t date someone who can ruin it.

You Should Make a Good Impression on a Girl’s Parents

Family plays a major role in the life of Indonesian men and women. And it is common for Indonesians to arrange meetings for their partners and family. And if in the US or Europe such meetings take place when a couple is dating for a long time, in Indonesia you will get an invitation to a family gathering right at the start of your relationship.

In this way, your Indonesian girlfriend will want to get approval from her parents on dating you. So, you better try your best to make a good impression. However, not all modern Indonesian ladies will listen to anything their parents say. Thus, you don’t need to worry that if her parents don’t like you, she will break up with you.

How To Meet Indonesian Brides Online

Now, let’s talk more about places where you can meet Indonesian women. Nowadays, you don’t even need to travel to meet foreign ladies, as online dating is highly popular all over the world, including in Indonesia. Many local women use different dating platforms and maintain an active social life online. Let’s dive deeper and find out what apps Indonesians prefer to use for dating.

Top 5 Indonesian Dating Sites

There are a lot of different dating sites where you can find single Indonesian women. Also, there are marriage agencies that help Indonesian mail order brides find serious relationships or even get married to a foreign husband.

But it is important to choose a reliable dating platform for dating to avoid scammers and bots. Some criteria for a good dating site are decent customer support service, many positive reviews, flawless work, and affordable pricing. Here are our top 5 Asian dating sites you can use for dating beautiful ladies from Indonesia:

  • Indonesian Cupid
  • Ok Cupid
  • Tinder
  • Indonesian Friend Date
  • Asian Dating

How to Date Indonesian Mail Order Wives: Pro Tips

Don’t know how to date mail order brides effectively? Of course, online dating is quite different from the traditional one and may seem harder, as you can’t see girls’ emotions, gestures, and other non-verbal signs. That’s why we want to share some tips on dating Indonesian women online:

  • Show your confidence but don’t be pushy
  • Be polite and friendly
  • Don’t expect relationships to develop rapidly with an Indonesian woman
  • Be understanding due to the language barrier

Travel Guide: Where To Meet Indonesian Singles In Indonesia

If marriage online is not your option, you can meet Indonesian brides in person. It is a great option if you currently live in Indonesia or are planning a trip there soon. Let’s talk more about some places you can visit for dating Indonesian ladies.


The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is full of beautiful Indonesian women for marriage. And as the biggest city in Indonesia, it also has a lot of great bars, clubs, and restaurants where you can find Indonesian brides. Here is a list of our favorite places:

  • Skye Bar
  • Bau Haus
  • Shy Rooftop
  • Cloud Lounge
  • Bart

However, we still recommend downloading a dating app to quickly find Indonesians near you who are also looking for a date. It is a much easier way to find these beautiful Asian women and you will have more time to spend in their company.


Another quite big city in Indonesia is Badung. It is a perfect place for your vacation, as there are some special locations you will not find in other cities. Due to the fact that there is an active volcano near the city, you can find many hot spring resorts there. And a lot of Indonesian women spend their time there. It is a great opportunity for visiting a special place and meeting Indonesian women.

However, if you prefer bars and clubs, there are some options for you:

  • Maja House
  • Public Bar
  • North Sea
  • Shelter Cafe & Bar
  • Uma Kitchen Bar


Bali Island is a super popular tourist destination in Indonesia, but it doesn’t mean that it is hard to meet local women there. Many Indonesian girls live there or come there for vacation and don’t mind meeting new people. Here are some popular spots where you will definitely meet Indonesian women:

  • Sky Garden
  • No Mas Bar
  • Bikini Restaurant
  • Night Rooster
  • Ji Restaurant
  • Potato Head Beach Club

indonesian bride

Dating Indonesian women: Top Tips to Win Over Indonesian Ladies

Sometimes it is hard to win over a foreign girl. To have a successful date with an Indonesian woman, you need to put some effort and learn information about dating in Indonesia beforehand. Do you want to know how to impress any Indonesian mail order bride? Keep reading to find our best tips on dating Indonesian women.

  • Show your serious intentions. As Indonesia is a Muslim country and society is more conservative than in Europe or The US, Indonesian mail order brides tend to start only long-term relationships. Thus, it is important to let an Asian woman you date know that you’re looking for a serious and stable relationship.
  • Be thoughtful and attentive to your Indonesian woman. Attention is the main sign of your love for any Indonesian bride. All Indonesian women for marriage love men who listen to them and remember small details about them. Also, these ladies like men who bring them gifts or flowers on a date. So don’t forget to buy something romantic and lovely before going on a date with an Indonesian woman.
  • Be patient and don’t rush things. It is not common for Indonesian mail order brides to start relationships after several dates. They prefer to wait for a little and take time to get to know their partners better. This helps them to build trustful and strong relationships, as they meaningfully choose men with whom they can become a couple.

Indonesian Weddings: What You Should Know About Wedding In Indonesia

Are you planning to marry your Indonesian bride? You should know more about Indonesian wedding culture then. The wedding in any country always includes some unique local rituals and traditions. And adding some unusual elements to your wedding can be an interesting solution. Let’s learn more about Indonesian wedding traditions.

Indonesian Wedding Culture

What traditions distinguish Indonesian weddings from any other? A wedding in Indonesia is always a bright celebration, full of interesting rituals, delicious food, and traditional dances. Here are some main characteristics of a traditional wedding in Indonesia:

  • Wedding ceremony. Besides the formal ceremony where the couple signs marriage documents, the Javanese wedding includes a beautiful ritual called Siraman. It is usually held the day before the civil ceremony and only the closest family members are invited.
  • Gold wedding attire. Those Indonesian women for marriage who prefer to follow national customs on a wedding day will definitely choose traditional Javanese dresses. It is usually a gorgeous golden gown for a bride and a golden traditional suit for a groom. However, as there are a lot of ethnic minorities in Indonesia, your Indonesian mail order wife can choose something else for the wedding, for example, Minangkabau traditional red and gold attire.
  • Indonesian cuisine. It is impossible to imagine an Indonesian wedding without tons of national dishes. For a wedding reception, Indonesians usually prepare traditional dishes like sticky rice, kambing guling, and ikam asam-manis. A wedding banket can be quite extensive, as Indonesians love to prepare a lot of food. Also, any Indonesian mail order bride considers a wedding a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so you should be ready for a large and quite pricey wedding.


Ladies from Indonesia are charming and considered one of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. More and more Indonesian brides don’t mind meeting foreign men and starting serious relationships with them. But for successful dating, you should know the local dating culture.

If you want to impress an Indonesian mail order bride, you have to be a gentleman. These gorgeous women demand respect and a lot of attention from men, so you have to put a lot of effort to show how you value your Indonesian bride. We hope you will succeed in your search for a beautiful Indonesian wife!


How can I meet an Indonesian woman?

Nowadays it is easy to meet Indonesian women online, as many of them use online dating services. All you need to do is to choose a reliable dating site and create a detailed profile. However, you can also meet Indonesian brides in person. If you want to visit Indonesia, we recommend such cities as Jakarta, Bandung, and Ubud. There are a lot of locals who don’t mind communicating with foreigners.

What does an average Indonesian girl look like?

An average Indonesian woman has tanned silky skin, a seductive figure with curved lines, and soft facial features. A lot of men adore their full lips, big brown eyes, and shiny dark hair that girls prefer to have long. The reason for their alluring beauty is a mixture of Asian and Latin blood. However, the beauty of Indonesian girls is diverse and you can meet different ladies there.

What is it like dating Indonesian brides?

Indonesian women have a sweet and romantic nature. They are very attentive to their partners and know how to build happy relationships. Indonesian brides usually start only long-term relationships and it is almost impossible to meet someone who doesn’t mind casual dating in Indonesia. So if you want to date an Indonesian woman, don’t expect any short-term relationships.

Do Indonesian women marry foreigners?

Yes, Indonesian women don’t mind marriages with foreigners. However, there are some difficulties you can meet dating an Indonesian bride. As most of the population in Indonesia are Muslim, it is impossible for them to marry someone who follows another religion. But there are still other religions, so you can find a girl who follows the same religion as you.

How to impress an Indonesian woman?

To make a good impression on a first date, you should be friendly, caring, and pay attention to what your Indonesian date says. However, it is better to keep some distance for the first time, as dating usually goes slowly in Indonesia and girls will not accept any physical contact like holding hands or hugging on a first date.

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