Hot Korean Women

In the rank of the most beautiful and hot women in the world, Korean girls are among the leaders. Possessing a charming appearance and cute personality, these ladies attract men around the world and become more and more popular. Do you want to know more about beauties from Korea? Keep reading and you will see who are the hottest Korean women.

What Makes Sexy Korean Women Special?

Thinking about Asian beauty, it is likely that you imagine a lady from Korea. A lot of them have already become an icon of beauty and style both in Korea and abroad. What is the secret of their attractiveness? We are here to reveal it to you. Keep reading to figure out what makes Korean girls so special and attracts the attention of men. 


The first thing that may catch the eye of any man is the unbelievable beauty of Korean women. They aren’t called one of the most beautiful Asians for nothing. Starting from cute facial features and ending with perfect bodies, everything in them fascinates males. 

They usually have fair skin which contrasts with their dark hair and expressive eyes. This charming combination is usually complemented by plump lips and a small pretty nose. Korean women are gorgeous, indeed, even without any makeup.

As beauty standards have a great influence on local women, they all are aiming to perfection. They do everything to stay in good shape and look stunning. That’s why there are so many girls with flawless bodies. The incredible sense of style helps Korean ladies to highlight everything the best in their figures with clothes and look gorgeous.

Manners and Temper

Not only the beauty of Korean women deserves attention. They possess many great traits that are formed by the rich culture of Korea. Any girl here is well-mannered, kind, and caring, which makes them amazing partners. With a girlfriend from Korea, you can feel much more masculine, as ladies here like men to lead in relationships. What can be better than having a girlfriend who treats you like a real man and has beautiful both body and soul? We think it is the main reason foreigners like Korean women that much.


Don’t fall for Korean women’s innocent looks and good manners, because, in fact, they are very passionate. Relationships with them are full of emotions, openness, and love. You won’t be bored with one of these women, as she will surround you with her cheerfulness and feelings. With Korean women, you will see how easily mild temper and passion can be combined in one person.

Where to Find Gorgeous Ladies From Korea

Do you want to see gorgeous Korean women? These fascinating ladies deserve all your attention, indeed. Luckily, it’s not hard to find accounts of famous Korean women on the Internet. We can’t help but assist you with this. So, where to look for sexy Korean women?

Social Media

The easiest way to find beautiful Koreans is to visit social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Kakao Story. Most popular and beautiful influencers, models, and actresses usually have an account on these platforms and post photos, videos, and other content for their followers. It is easy to find profiles of the girls you like and enjoy their posts. Keep reading this article to see the top Korean hotties and links to their social media.

Online Dating Sites

If you want not only to scroll through the photos of hot models, actresses, singers, and influencers but also to date one, Korean dating sites are just what you need. There you can find real single girls who possess all the best traits. What site to visit? Here is the list of the most popular dating apps in Korea:

  • Amanda. Korean dating app, which is highly popular among young Korean women. Your chances to find a beautiful Asian female are higher with this app.
  • Tinder. The most popular dating app is also used in Korea. Choose a city, talk with Korean ladies and enjoy dating one of the hottest ladies in the world.
  • Korean Cupid. The platform is created especially for foreigners. Are you looking for a sexy Korean woman for marriage? In this case, we recommend visiting this website.
  • MEEFF. Created for foreigners who want to meet Korean friends, this app has become a nice dating platform. Many charming ladies are waiting for you here.
  • NoonDate. One more local app with cute girls who will be happy to meet you.

The Hottest Korean Girls

It can seem hard to choose what girl to follow on social media, as there are so many beauties from Korea. To make your search much quicker and easier we made this list of stunning Korean women who are popular in and out of Korea. It was hard to choose and we assure you there are many more charming Korean idols, models, and celebrities in the world. Take a look at our top 8 hot Korean women list first, and then feel free to visit their social media via the links.

#1 Sejin Ming

  • Instagram: @sejinming
  • Followers: 999K
  • Age: unknown
  • Occupation: social media model

The account of Sejin Ming became popular because of her incredible beauty. Big eyes, a captivating smile, and a sexy body are what followers obsessed with her. The girl has a great sense of style and always chooses tempting outfits which enhance her curves. You can usually see her in dresses and tops with a low neckline, which makes her bust even more seductive. Once you look at Sejin photos, you will see that she looks innocent and hot at the same time. It is the combination a lot of people like in her.

Sejin Ming

#2 Bae Suzy

  • Instagram: @skuukzky
  • Followers: 17.4M
  • Age: 27
  • Occupation: actress, singer, model

Successful singer and actress Bae Suzy is one of the most popular South Korean celebrities. She was an idol in a k-pop group, but she is better known because of her roles in many TV series. Her beauty is one of the things people like about her. She has sharp facial features, expressive lips, and a perfect body. A lot of men around the world fall in love with her gorgeous curves. 

Fans admire Bae Suzy because of her kind personality as well. She is a philanthropist and frequently donates money to people who need this the most. We are sure that her incredible appearance and undeniably good personality deserve all this admiration.

Bae Suzy

#3 Song Joo Ah

  • Instagram: @ww0205ww
  • Followers: 369K
  • Age: 37
  • Occupation: racing model, cosplayer

Song Joo Ah attracts a lot of attention because of her extraordinary beauty. Her appearance is a Western and Korean beauty standards mixture – curvy body and doll-like face with big eyes and a small nose. She became popular in 2019 as a racing girl, and every year gain more and more followers.

Men admire her social media, as there are a lot of lingerie photos along with sexy cosplays and cute selfies. Song Joo Ah knows for sure how to get the fans’ attention and regularly posts new hot photos.

Song Joo Ah

#4 Irene (Bae Joo-Hyun)

  • Instagram: @renebaebae
  • Followers: 9.9M
  • Age: 31
  • Occupation: singer, model

She is the center member of Red Velvet, a famous k-pop group. A lot of people consider her the prettiest girl among the third generation idols, and we are about to agree with them. Her eye-catching appearance and slim figure are fascinating, especially when she performs on the stage. A lot of people also love her doll-like face with big eyes and porcelain skin.

On her social media, Irene usually posts pictures from different photoshoots which show her overwhelming beauty and win the hearts of fans. She is the best example of Korean beauty and style, indeed.

Irene (Bae Joo-Hyun)

#5 Jung Ho Yeon

  • Instagram: @hoooooyeony
  • Followers: 23.8M
  • Age: 27
  • Occupation: model, actress

Jung Ho Yeon is one of the most famous Korean celebrities because of her role in the Netflix series called Squid Games. But she is also a successful model who has walked on runways and appeared in advertisements for Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, Giambattista Valli, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, and many fashion designers and brands. People around the world are fascinated with her pure Asian look, expressive facial features, and easy-going personality. In 2021, Jung became the most followed actress from South Korea on Instagram. People call her one of the most talented Korean top models and a very promising actress.

She loves sharing photos and videos with her followers on Instagram. There you will find her best shoots from lingerie and fashion photoshoots alongside cute personal photos taken by herself.

Jung Ho Yeon

#6 Banana (Lee Sang Bi)

  • Instagram: @bba_na_na
  • Followers: 241K
  • Age: 23
  • Occupation: fashion model

Lee Sang Bi, who is better known as Banana, is a popular Instagram model from South Korea. She started as a makeup model and quickly gained popularity because of her unique appearance features. Lee has big eyes and plump lips that make her look more European. Most fans are also obsessed with her fit body and curvy forms. This sexy woman stays in shape and doesn’t hide it from people.

Her Instagram is a personal blog, where she shares moments of her life with followers. Lee Sang Bi’s profile mostly contains sexy photos in lingerie or swimwear and cute selfies. She also actively posts stories that show backstage from photoshoots or her everyday life.

Banana (Lee Sang Bi)

#7 Go Ara

  • Instagram: @ara_go_0211
  • Followers: 1.2M
  • Age: 32
  • Occupation: actress, model

Go Ara gained her popularity as a Korean drama series actress. Her career started in 2003 when she got the role of a confident schoolgirl in the teen drama series Sharp. Since then she has won many awards and got over a million fans around the world. But not only her talent makes her so popular. We can’t help but say that Go Ara possesses incredible beauty. Just by taking one look at her photos, you will admit she looks perfectly even without makeup. On her social media, the actress shares the best moments of her professional life, trips, and personal life.

Go Ara

#8 Rose (Roseanne Park)

Roseanne Park is a Korean-New Zeland singer who is more famous with a stage name Rose. She debuted in 2016 as a member of the k-pop group Blackpink and quickly became popular around the world. In 2021 Rose released a solo album that broke the record and became the most viewed Korean soloist’s music video with over 41 million views.

Her elegant style, beautiful visuals, and slender figure got the attention of fashion and makeup brands. She is an ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent, Tiffany & Co, and other brands. On her Instagram Roseanne frequently posts videos and photos of advertising campaigns with her participation. There are also many other posts that reveal her natural beauty to the world.

Rose (Roseanne Park)

Bottom Line

Korean women possess unbeatable beauty and attract men with their perfect bodies and charming faces. You don’t need to go to South Korea to see these beauties, as there are plenty of them on the Internet. They like social media and treat their followers with hot photos from the beaches, photoshoots, and everyday life. By visiting the girls from our list, you will have a chance to see by yourself how the hottest women of South Korea look. Choose the one you like the most and enjoy Korean beauty while being thousands of miles away from this country of charming women.