Hot Japanese Women

If you’re seeking an Asian wife, there are a few things you should know before you start dating her. Your life will change for the better if you are fortunate enough to locate Japanese brides. What does dating in Japan entail for foreigners? Is it simple to become used to Japanese culture? Because Japanese women are renowned to be introverts, finding love there may appear more difficult than in other areas.

Meeting Timid Japanese Girls

If a foreigner wants to meet a Japanese woman, he should know a few things. First, you should choose a girlfriend according to her age. If a guy in his twenties will try to get acquainted with a high school girl, she will just run away. It is best to look for those who are studying in higher education or already working. Secondly, it’s not a good idea to just walk up to girls on the street and offer to get acquainted, exchange phone numbers, and so on. Yes, they will listen to you, but the relationship most likely will not go further, and if you push and insist, she will call the police. 

The best, in our opinion, is the way to get acquainted with your friends. That is, your acquaintance makes contact with a Japanese woman (even just on the street) and they start chatting. Then she offers to go somewhere together and then says that a friend will keep them company. You come to the meeting, start to pay compliments, pay for a cafe or karaoke and it’s off. That’s when it becomes clear whether the Japanese woman wants to develop a relationship. Her friend may come with the Japanese woman – the options increase. 

Spending Time

Most importantly, Japanese women are not spoiled by displays of romance. Local guys hardly ever give them flowers, carry them up the stairs and take their boots off when you walk in the house. Therefore, romance is the strong side of foreigners. However, you should not come on a date with a bouquet of several dozen roses. A small bouquet is enough, something small, but beautiful. For example, Japanese women like sunflowers. 

As for entertainment, most of the dates you will just spend window shopping. In second place comes visiting karaoke, movie theaters, and Disneyland. They also really like to take pictures in a sticker machine. In Japan, it’s customary to pay for everyone for themselves, but if you pay for her, she’ll be happy.

Japanese women don’t like to walk and even take the subway for one-stop. A lot of Japanese women like to dress up as Europeans, but they don’t like to wear kimono as it’s difficult to put on. When going on a trip abroad they are going to walk along the places indicated in their guidebook and take photos of themselves to show them to their friends later.

Why Foreigners Prefer Japanese Women

A Japanese woman is built differently. She will not look for a quarrel with a man for the sake of it. Of course, you can piss off any man, but Japanese women don’t wait for a reason to provoke a conflict and prefer to solve an issue as peacefully as possible. The more philosophical attitude of Japanese women to men allows them to painlessly forgive many things, which the European woman would have destroyed without thinking. Japanese women also have many other pluses, which we will now list.

Relationships Take Effort

In addition to the obvious things in the form of financial security, a European woman expects the man to be her psychologist. Japanese women do not believe that it is necessary to find a reason why the man is to blame for their bad mood. The man does not need to know all the details of the course of her physiological processes, a pimple on her cheek, and an unpleasant conversation with her friend. Japanese women do not consult men about the color of their nails, the rug in the bathroom, or make them explain “why he doesn’t talk” or “what he meant by…”.

Japanese women are much less fixated on the things that often plague European women, poisoning relationships and introducing a destructive variable into them. Relationships with European women are psychologically difficult, which is why many men are increasingly turning their eyes to the East to find happiness and mental balance, which in the West exists only as a theoretical model. Whereas the trend in Europe is relatively weak, Americans, worn out by emancipation, have long taken a fancy to Japan, Thailand, and other Eastern countries and their female inhabitants. 

Division of Roles

If a man works in Japan, he doesn’t perform household duties. A man with a vacuum cleaner is the humiliation of a Japanese woman as a woman. Of course, many things have changed now, and women work, often on an equal footing with men, but the Japanese woman believes that it is her responsibility to organize the household. If the man takes the initiative, the woman will be grateful and accept help, but even then the word “help” does not imply a 50/50 division of duties. 

A working Japanese woman might bring up the fact that she would like a man’s participation in household chores, but hearing a request to “take out the trash,” “go get some bread,” or “buy groceries on your way home from work” from a non-working Japanese woman is a social phenomenon. 

Unlike European women, Japanese ladies do not give advice and instructions to men and do not regulate their behavior. If a man has to go out for a drink with his colleagues after work, a Japanese woman will not nag him about it. Relationships with Japanese women may be less warm, but this is more than compensated for by an awareness of personal freedom and a respect for personal space.

Being Demanding

There are reasons for the phenomenon of Japanese cars. Minimum expenses give maximum results. Certainly, it is not so magnificent and showy as the Mercedes Benz, but there is no headache connected with expensive care. As they say, “just pour petrol, oil and go”. You can forget about all the whims like gifts, dates, compliments, flowers, and signs of attention. There is no “just you try to avoid giving me flowers for March 8!” Undemanding Japanese women will be infinitely happy with a single flower for her birthday.


It is not very pleasant to admit this fact, but other things being equal, Japanese women look younger than their European peers and seem to be frozen in time. The reasons are genetics, diet, and lifestyle. Asians look younger on principle, but the Japanese, as a rich nation, additionally have an opportunity to invest much money in their appearance and health. Japanese cuisine, which has conquered the whole planet during the last 20 years, has a deeper history and is on a higher level of development than Russian cuisine both in terms of taste and health.


Japanese women lie much less than European women. If a Japanese woman has done something wrong, she will honestly admit it and ask for forgiveness. A European woman will justify herself to the last, trying to remember a similar incident in which it was the man’s fault. Attempts to incriminate a liar may end up even sadder. Lying with European women pervades all areas of the relationship, starting with the courtship stage. 

The simplest examples include lying about the number of sexual partners. European women also often lie about their feelings. Pledges of love today do not prevent them from hating the same man tomorrow, because “love is only one step away from hate. Yes, that’s right. Japanese women are more stable in their feelings, which do not burn today as much as they smoke tomorrow.

Top 5 Sexiest Japanese Women

Japanese girls are very restrained and self-critical, which allows them to have a reputation in the world as “cold beauties”. But despite this, Japanese girls can captivate any representative of the stronger sex.

#1 Kasumi Arimura

Born on February 13, 1993, in Itami. Known for her role as young Haruko Amano in The Asadora. She won the Japan Film Academy Award for Best Newcomer of the Year, as well as the Blue Ribbon Award for the lead role. 

Kasumi Arimura

#2 Satomi Ishihara

  • Instagram: @_ishihara_satomi_
  • Followers: 186k 
  • Occupation: actress
  • Age: 35
  • Location: Tokyo

Born on December 24, 1986, in Tokyo, her real name is Kuniko Ishikami. She was one of the most famous teen stars of the early 2000s and gained international fame for her starring role in Tamako Godai (2003). 

Satomi Ishihara

#3 Haruna Kojima

  • Instagram: @nyanchan22
  • Followers: 3.2M
  • Occupation: actress, singer, and idol
  • Age: 33
  • Location: Saitama

Born on April 19, 1988, in Saitama Prefecture. Was a member of the idol group AKB48. Haruna Kojima first appeared on the annual Kohaku Uta Gassen music show where AKB48 members were invited in 2007. She starred in the horror film Densen Uta. 

Haruna Kojima

#4 Ayumi Hamasaki

  • Instagram:
  • Followers: 1.3M
  • Occupation: singer
  • Age: 43
  • Location: Fukuoka

Ayumi is considered to be the “queen of Japanese pop music”. Her popularity in her home country is off the charts: the singer’s music videos are viewed millions of times. Ayumi was brought up by her grandmother, and as a child, she was considered a rebel because of her explosive character and unusual appearance.

Ayumi Hamasaki

#5 Nozomi Misaki 

Nozomi is a professional model with a lot of experience. A poor existence as a child forced the girl to go to work early. As a result, Nozomi did not graduate from high school and still has trouble reading complex materials. Nozomi Sasaki has repeatedly become the face of many fashionable Japanese houses.

Nozomi Misaki

Where to Find Japanese Singles

Ever since childhood, little Japanese girls are oriented to pay attention to prospects. This is how girls grow up who pay attention, not to the soul and feelings of their admirer, but to the prospects of his career or business development.

As a rule, all residents of the Land of the Rising Sun are confident that foreigners are very good earners. Do not dissuade them, you can even, letting dust in their eyes, exaggerate the level of their real income, and the prospects for their future ascent to fame.

True, this tip is only suitable if you get acquainted with a Japanese woman and will be nothing binding. If, however, marriage is planned, sooner or later you will have to look your young wife in the eyes and confess to a lie. This is not a very pleasant prospect, is it?

As for the specifics of where and how to get acquainted with a Japanese woman, there are three options:

  • Through the Internet;
  • During a business or tourist trip to Japan;
  • During her visit to Russia;
  • Through special agencies or dating sites.

Online Dating 

Online dating is the easiest and most inexpensive way to get acquainted with a Japanese woman. There are a lot of online dating sites. There is even a whole social network called Mixi. All in all, many people regard it as a source of debauchery. Nevertheless, here you can place important information about yourself and subscribe to certain communities that interest you to get the best offers.

This social network is not the only one and with patience, you can easily find a cute girl – Japanese for flirting, sex, and even a serious relationship up to marriage.

Tourist Trips

For serious business people, meeting a Japanese woman directly in the Land of the Rising Sun will be the most rational solution of how and where to meet a Japanese woman. Especially if you manage to meet a woman from the circle of your business partners. This ensures that the interlocutor will be an educated girl, not burdened with vulgar and bad habits.

As for tourists coming to Japan, they also have a chance to find a suitable girl. This is not a question of a lady for sexual gratification. You can find such without a problem in the local brothels. We are talking about serious girls for a long-term relationship. Here you will find waitresses, managers, saleswomen, maids, and just pretty girls that you liked while walking around the city. The main thing here is to get back to your first point.


Here, in general, are all the basic recommendations on how and where to get acquainted with a Japanese woman. And, generally speaking, life likes to put everything in its place. So, no one ever knows where you can meet the girl of your dreams, even if she is Japanese. The absence of initially impossible requirements and common sense contradicting conditions ensures a high degree of stability in the relationship with a Japanese woman, so she will not leave a man one day just because “the dream crashed into harsh reality”.