Hot Asian Women

In his lustful dreams, every man has ever imagined having love with a foreign woman. The language barrier, the difference in mentality, and racial differences add a pinch of excitement and an adventurous attitude. White men’s particular passion is often awakened by Asian hot women appearance. Maybe it’s based on the many anime shows where slender girls run around in short skirts, or maybe for some other reason.

Sexy Asian Girls and Their Features

Let’s start with the most important and perhaps not the most pleasant: women in Asian countries are much less than men, and therefore they are in great demand. The fact is that Asians usually don’t want to have girl children. They just want a son, that’s all. This has naturally led to a rate of 106-110 men for every 100 women. Besides, a girl’s parents have rather strict requirements for grooms, and many Asians are forced to look for wives in villages where the requirements are not so harsh. 

There is also a positive moment for us. Despite a large number of men, girls in Asia suffer from loneliness because of the very high demands of their parents. This means that some of them go to all lengths, in defiance of tradition and ancestors. The European has a great chance of winning favor with the girl’s significant other because the stereotype that whites have big bags of money still exists. However, there are simpler options.

It’s easy enough to seduce an Asian woman: 

  • Be funny and full of surprises. Because of the general mood in Asia, girls are pretty lonely and want to have fun;
  • Be cheekier than usual and don’t be afraid of rejection; 
  • The language barrier is not a hindrance to getting an Asian girl into bed; 
  • Many Asian women tourists themselves are ready to give it up and only need a little attention from your side.

What Makes Asian Women Attractive to Men?

Every year more and more couples can be found where the girl is Asian and the guy is of European appearance. But what does this have to do with it? What makes them so attractive? In general, like Thailand, Vietnam and other once-remote Europeans in general vacation countries have opened for real, such a serious fashion began. People are increasingly choosing Asia as a destination for their holiday. Especially men. 


A relationship with an Asian woman is just interesting. It’s not the same as always. After all, you always want to try everything in this life. So, one of the reasons is simple interest and unexplored. After all, Asian women are very different. Externally for sure. But also culture, values, etc. It’s not the same as always. The desire for exoticism is one of the reasons why Asian women are attracted to men.


Some people don’t understand narrow eyes. That is, they do not understand how they can like such girls. But what about the big European open eyes. For someone, on the contrary, the eyes of Asian girls seem to be beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of a beholder, as they say. But Asian girls are all different. The Koreans have one cut, and the Japanese have another. The Kazakhs in general can have eyes with a slit, but they can be so big that the Europeans do not even dream of them. Brown eyes, black eyes, green eyes. It’s like bright eye color. Not all Europeans have monochromatic eyes.


Hair is the main pride of Asian women. Brunettes are 95% of all of them. What could be better? And with well-groomed long hair, they become beauties. Who likes their hair sparse, hanging like straw? No one. Asians have no problem with it at all. They get it from nature. You can do any hairstyle you want with that hair.


The so-called Mongolian cheekbones are known all over the world. Yes, the very shape of the face of Asian women is different. Again, you may or may not like it. But there are more and more fans. The cheekbones make the face look more chiseled. Generally speaking, Mongolian cheekbones refer to high cheekbones. And to the question of whether you like them or not. Nowadays, it is popular for cosmetologists to perform mini-operations to “inject” these very same Mongolian cheekbones…

Slimness and Femininity

Naturally, not all Asians are skinny girls. This is understandable. But by nature, they are less prone to fullness than Europeans. It all depends on genetics, living conditions, etc.

Thinness is appealing. That doesn’t mean it’s all about thinness. Not at all. It’s even more about femininity. I mean, a size 35 leg, narrow ankles, narrow waist, etc. There aren’t many Asian women with bulky body parts. Again, this is from nature and genetics. And that’s what bribes and makes you fall in love with them.

Why Don’t Beautiful Asian Women Age?

Beauty is beautiful in a variety of forms. Today, uniqueness in appearance is valued more and more. We can connect the desire of fashion for uniqueness with the fact that the world has had enough of the same old Hollywood faces. Today one wants to see not just another blonde, but a girl, whose appearance wants to look at: a gap between the teeth, freckles, a nose with a hooked nose, and unusually shaped eyes.

Oriental Beauty

Intoxicated by the magic slanted brown eyes, the poets said enough on the subject, but speaking of the natural magnetic and mysterious beauty of Asians can not fail to mention their eyes.

It seems that in the eyes of Oriental women there is a fairy tale and the promise of all the wonders that the imagination is capable of. Who knows if it is the influence of literary characters or a sincere craving for the exotic, but the girls of Asia, the owners of truly enchanting eyes of brown and honey shades, are famous in the first place just for this highlight of their appearance.

The Deception of Time

It is believed that the girls of Asia are not subject to the passage of time and simply do not get old. They somehow magically jump from the age of “somewhere around twenty” to the age of “give way to grandma”.

Although it’s impossible to avoid wrinkles, that’s part of the stereotype that is justified. Asians spend a lot of time on skincare. The skin of Asians is in principle thicker and more elastic than that of other nationalities, which helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles in principle, and competent multi-step care can prolong youth even more.

Besides, we should admit that Asian girls in general lead a healthier lifestyle: it is quite difficult to find an Asian woman smoking a cigarette or drinking alcohol in a public place, unlike the Europeans, for whom a cigarette and a glass of wine are an inevitable companion of the evening. In Asia, such behavior is frowned upon by the culture, and secondly, Asian women themselves are so worried about the safety of their skin that they fear bad habits like fire.

Attitude Towards the Body

Asians themselves are rather small in stature, especially compared to Europeans. And naturally, this could not help but contradict the canons of beauty. Today, there are plenty of different ways to visually add to your height, from truly grandiose heels to various fashion tricks and silicone shoe covers.

While in the case of women, the height standard is still more or less okay. If the height standard for women is still more or less flexible, the criteria for men are quite strict: the taller, the better and do what you want.

In addition to height standards in Asian countries, there are truly model weight standards. To look even more like porcelain dolls, Asian girls constantly monitor their weight, the thinner and more resonant the more beautiful is considered a young lady.

Top 6 Hottest Asian Women

The beauty and inner charm of Asian women are fascinating. Among them, there are many young ladies, whose attractiveness is appreciated not only in their homeland but also far beyond its borders. Let’s take a closer look at Asian beauties, whose appearance is admired all over the world.

#1 Gloria Tang Sze-wing

  • Instagram: @gem0816
  • Followers: 6.8M
  • Occupation: singer, actress
  • Age: 30
  • Location: Shanghai

The girl is originally from China. She is a singer, songwriter, and actress. Due to her outstanding appearance, G.E.M. became popular. 

Gloria Tang Sze-wing

#2 Gülnezer Bextiyar

  • Instagram: @nz0502
  • Followers: 986k
  • Occupation: actress, model
  • Age: 29
  • Location: Beijing

Gulinazha is an actress and model of Uyghur origin from China. She is famous for some fantasy movies made in China. She represents the jewelry brand “Qeelin”. 

Gülnezer Bextiyar

#3 Sui He

  • Instagram: @hesui923
  • Followers: 1.5M
  • Occupation: model, actress
  • Age: 32
  • Location: Shanghai

Sui He is a model from China. At the age of 17, she won a national modeling contest. Before graduating high school, she worked in China and later began shooting in Milan, Paris, and New York. The model collaborated with famous brands such as “Dolce & Gabbana”, “Chanel”, “Christian Dior”, “Jean Paul Gaultier” and others. Her face regularly appeared on the covers of magazines “Elle”, “Harper’s Bazaar”, and “Vogue”. 

Sui He

#4 Lalisa Manobal

  • Instagram: @lalalalisa_m
  • Followers: 76M
  • Occupation: idol
  • Age: 25
  • Location: Seoul

Lalisa is a singer, dancer, and model originally from Thailand. As well as Kim Jenny, is a member of the South Korean K-pop group “BLACKPINK”. In 2019 she announced the beginning of her solo career.

Lalisa Manobal

#5 Angela Yeung Wing

  • Instagram: @angelababyct
  • Followers: 9.4M
  • Occupation: model, actress 
  • Age: 33
  • Location: Hong Kong

Angelababy is a model, actress, and singer from China. German on her father’s side and Chinese on her mother’s side. In addition to her native Chinese, she is fluent in Cantonese and English. She began her career as a model at the age of 14, and signed a contract with one of China’s largest modeling agencies – “Style International Management”. 

Angela Yeung Wing

#6 Bae Joo-Hyun 

  • Instagram: @renebaebae
  • Followers: 9.9M
  • Occupation: idol
  • Age: 31
  • Location: Seoul

The South Korean singer better known as Irene is the leader of the girl group Red Velvet. In the fashion world, she is an undisputed solo star. In the Asian market there is even an expression “the Irene effect” – things spotted on the singer sell out instantly. She once held in her hands a book that ended up being a bestseller.

Bae Joo-Hyun

The Character of Asians

In today’s world, with emancipated women, men are increasingly looking toward Asian beauties. After all, the patriarchal way of life is still preserved in Asian countries, and the man to some extent remains the self-proclaimed king of the young family.

Of course, this only applies to remote villages, where the progress of society has not yet had time to reach, as well as to the older generation, which absorbed the invasive way of life with the milk of their mother. Young people, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly socially active. Asia’s young girls are as active as their sisters around the world in fighting for their rights and equality in general.

How do Asian Women Have Fun?

The experience of Asian men shows that they don’t know how to have fun: instead, they are ready to go shopping all day and in the evening they sit in a bar with their smartphones on. Asia is very technologically advanced and people in the cities are very dependent on electronic devices. It is important to know that locals there don’t use apps popular in most countries, so it is better to download local dating and online communication apps. 

Tantan is a dating app that works on the same principle as Tinder. Swipe the girls and meet them. Also, as in the rest of the world, in such applications girls are looking for sex. WeChat is an analog of What’s App. A must-have for communication in Asia. 


To complete all of the above information, you can add a few points: when on a date an Asian woman is constantly looking at her smartphone screen — it’s normal and she feels good with you; treat them to any little things, it works great and you don’t have to spend a lot of money at all.

Treat the girl gently and it will melt her heart more easily because Asians look at them as a thing; old-school dating in clubs, works in Asia too and a European will have a huge advantage there. As for the rest, you should stick to the usual rules of seduction. The mentality is in any case weaker than female nature, so nothing is impossible with Asian women.