A Guide on Dating Colombian Brides

To succeed in seducing a Colombian woman, you will have to get to know the mentality of the local people and use dating services. Without this, it will be difficult to set up an effective seduction strategy in Colombia.

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In this article, we will see what makes Western men attractive, the things not to say when meeting her, how to get to know her, etc.

What Do Colombian Brides Look Like?

In Latin America, except for a few countries like Colombia, Argentina, or Costa Rica, most of the inhabitants have been mixed between Indians, former black slaves, and Europeans. This results in a rather peculiar mixture that gives local girls charm.

If we refer specifically to Colombian mail order brides, they were mainly mixed between Indians and Europeans. There are some black people in the country, but this is rather rare.

In terms of height, they are slightly smaller than European women. The hair and eyes are generally dark, the few blondes you will see will be either tourists or fake blondes. You can see that in their photos when you visit site for dating.

Body shapes depend mainly on the Colombian wives you are trying to pick up. When the girl is of young age, she will tend to have a fitness-type body, with generous shapes in the right places. However, as soon as she starts to get older or has already had children, the woman will start to put on quite a bit of weight and not mind what Western men say.

What Do Colombian Brides Enjoy in Men?

Colombia has remained a country closed to tourism for a long time. As a result, Colombian wives are not yet used to meeting foreigners. You will be able to benefit from all the positive clichés about foreigners, such as:

  • You are a rich person
  • Your culture is different and you are a very romantic person
  • Western men have different physical appearances, so you are exotic and therefore attractive
  • You are someone she must not let go of and must keep

However, most of the time you will be mistaken for an American, and some Colombian wives may reject you for this. All you have to do is explain to them that you are Canadian or European. And then, Colombian girls will immediately change their minds about you.

Unlike in some countries, the use of foreign charm does not work well with Colombian brides. They are getting immune to that at a very young age. Having said that, the simple fact of being a non-American Westerner will be enough to make you an interesting man in the eyes of Colombian mail order wives.

The Mentality of a Colombian Girl to Seduce Her

The country is quite open on all sexual issues. This is not much different from other Latin American countries. Because of the communism in the country and Colombian wedding traditions, sleeping with a Colombian woman will not be difficult. It is part of their mentality. Seducing a Colombian girl is not difficult.

However, you will have to move away from the tourist areas for a while, because Colombian mail order wives will quickly understand that you only want to sleep with them and do not want anything serious.

Indeed, when a Colombian woman sleeps with a man, she hopes that he will love her afterward. This is the mentality of single Colombian women. If you have the impression that she is only sleeping with you because she likes sex, think again. In the eyes of a Colombian girl, sleeping with a man is a strategy to make the man love her.

In a few years, when Colombian girls understand that most foreigners don’t want anything serious, it will be much more difficult to sleep with a woman who is not a prostitute in the country. Sensual body complexion is not the only factor to look for.

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Single Colombian Women Are Attached to Their Families

These girls are not like the European and American families who abandon their relatives and parents. This quality of Colombian girls reminds us of Thai and Filipino women. Generally, beautiful Colombian women spend a lot of time with their families. It is very common for a middle-aged Colombian woman to live with her parents and relatives in one house.

Mistakes to Avoid When Seducing a Colombian Girl

If you are trying to meet a Colombian girl, you should avoid mentioning certain things in a conversation with her. Even if they are open enough to get to know a foreigner, at least for the moment, some words can be hurtful to them. Here are some examples:

Avoid talking about communism. The country is still a semi-dictatorship and most Colombian families are not free to say what they want. They will get scared and immediately stop talking to Western men like you.

Rum and cigars. It’s not a cliché, because it’s very common in the country. But imagine the number of men who have already had to talk about this subject with the Colombian girl they were trying to pick up? So be a little original and try to talk about something else.

The cost of living in Colombia. Colombia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. This is offensive to the people, so don’t stir the pot.

City Differences

There are many differences between girls from different cities. The women vary greatly:

  • Medellín is a beautiful city with some of the most beautiful women in Colombia. You can find a Colombian wife that will surprise you. Plastic surgery is also very popular;
  • La Costa. Most coastal towns have beautiful mail order brides. They are not ones to talk to, and are separated by social structures that vary greatly in appearance;
  • Bogota. By far the biggest and most diverse city. You’ll find big migrations from all over the country there. So finding brides in Bogota is easy. There are a lot of Indian characteristics. And they are usually very normal physically;
  • Cali. This city is the salsa capital, so you will find a Colombian with thick thighs. They are open to socializing with other people as well. Super friendly.

Views on Marriage

Important note. All Colombian women for marriage consider themselves single until they get married, which is confusing when a girl says she is single, but she has had a boyfriend for 10 years and in some cases, they might even live together. Nevertheless, those Colombian brides state they are single. It’s a distinction, a communication disorder, that can boost your confidence in dealing with a lot more girls.

Challenges of Dating Colombian Mail Order Brides

Although there are benefits to dating Colombian mail order brides, this does not mean that there aren’t any difficulties. Here are a few of the most typical:

Colombian mail order brides tend to be quite joyful people, but they can also be passionate, outspoken, sensitive, and stubborn. Sometimes, a Colombian bride seems to make a big deal out of pretty little things.

Colombians tend to be a little erratic with their sense of time, and they are not the most precise of individuals. Most of the time, if you set a time to meet, a Colombian beauty will be running behind (all the time). Even if you call them to check on Colombian mail order brides, they frequently claim to be “on their way” when they haven’t even left the home and to “be 10 minutes” when it will undoubtedly take much longer.

Having Colombian Mail Order Brides as a Foreigner

We don’t think we are telling you much by saying that having blue or green eyes in Colombia does not go unnoticed. Being a bit exotic (for the region) is necessarily an asset to attract a Colombian wife.

Having a different accent, cultural references that are not well known by the locals, life experiences to share, and behavior that is different from that of the natives are also positive points to getting noticed by a Colombian bride.

Colombian Beauties Are Open to Foreigners

Colombian brides love foreigners. Whether you come from a western country or elsewhere, a Colombian woman will be open to communicating with you. In general, foreigners are very attractive to locals. A foreigner is always a mystery, especially on dating sites. You don’t know anything about them. Excitement is always a good motivation to meet new people.

Pros and Cons

Colombian women for marriage are not among the most popular ladies in South America. However, they are underrated beauties who are warm and welcoming to people from all over the world. They are not robots to like you for everything and it works in both ways. Some aspects might annoy you and some you might enjoy. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Colombian brides talk a lot. Ask them simple questions and they will be happy to chat about the subject. Be a good listener so you can win a lady’s heart;
  • Colombian Spanish is the hardest to understand. The slang, accent, and intonation of Colombian brides make their words challenging to understand. Fortunately, many of them can speak very good English, but you can still learn some Spanish vocabulary to impress them;
  • Colombian women are the most laid-back Latin American women. Yes, Latin American women are known for being passionate, even on video chat. Colombian mail order bride is quite different in that sense;
  • Most Colombian women are okay with public displays of affection. Although they are mostly quiet until they feel comfortable around you, Colombian beauties are open to kissing in public, sometimes they may even insist on it. They are also known for being very good kissers;
  • Latin American women like to know what they’re getting into. If you are looking for a serious relationship, Colombian ladies will expect you to be upfront in the early stages of the relationship. If you tell them what you aim for, things can go quickly;
  • Hot Colombian brides are very close to their families. As mentioned earlier, you are very likely to meet a huge number of family members. From her father, brothers, and sisters to her aunts, uncles, and cousins, you better get along with them;
  • Hot Colombian women love educated men. Intelligence is as important to women in Colombia as it is to women around the world. Colombian girls love to learn new things and will listen to anything you can share, especially when it comes to your goals and accomplishments;
  • Colombian brides love the little things in their personal life. Getting to know a beautiful Latin woman is sympathetic because of how much they appreciate everyday things like a nice breakfast, a glass of wine, or a walk in the park. Their attitude is infectious and will make you appreciate everything around you that much more.

Marriage With Future Colombian Wife

There are different types of men who travel to the country. Those who go with their family or just to visit and those who go to seduce a Colombian mail order wife. And among those who try to seduce a Colombian girl, some may hope to marry one of them.

Religion is no longer too present in the country and marriage will be only a civil act. Marrying a Colombian lady will not be difficult, as for many Latina women it is a great way to leave their country.

However, be aware that if you marry a typical Colombian girl, it will probably not be a love marriage. The woman will marry you for the sole purpose of leaving her country and helping Colombian families. There is a good chance that she will use you only to get papers and that a quick divorce is to be expected once she gets what she wants. Visit the site knowing who you are talking to.

Be Patient With Gorgeous Colombian Women

A Colombian woman has a specific character. She will never show you her true emotions and thoughts. She will keep them secret. Don’t expect quick results when dating a Colombian woman. They are not as easy as you may think. It can take a long time to seduce a serious Colombian woman.

Gorgeous Colombian women are flirtatious, sexy, and very passionate. However, this does not mean she will be devoted to you after your first date. Local women require a lot of attention. She may be vigorous. Nevertheless, she will not let you approach her too quickly. Don’t hurry your international dating, and you will enjoy the juicy fruits of your patience very quickly.

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Where Is It Possible to Find Colombian Women?

The Colombian diaspora is mainly present in Florida and Yucatán, Mexico. These are the two closest places with interesting job opportunities for Colombian nationals. There are ideal places to meet Colombian women.

There are also some Colombian ladies in Canada and former Soviet countries, usually in Latin bars. However, in other European countries, you will not find a Colombian wife nearby.

To meet Colombian girls, you will have to go there. But as we have seen above, it will become more and more difficult over the years to meet Colombian women who will agree to do more than just talk with you.

To make it easier for you to talk to single Colombian ladies, either from your country or before you go there, you can start preparing the ground by using a very practical tool: dating services.

Using Online Dating Services

You will not be able to find a Colombian wife on any random dating site. You will have to use a mail order brides platform, which allows Colombian brides to meet foreign men.

There are several best Colombian dating sites that allow you to meet people online. But only a few of them allow Colombian women to meet foreign men. From our experience, we can only recommend the excellent Latin American Cupid.

On this platform, you will meet the finest women. This will allow you to either meet a Colombian lady who lives next door to you without you knowing it, or to start chatting with a Colombian bride in advance to meet her as soon as you arrive in the country.

This way, a Colombian wife online will not consider you as a sex tourist. She will trust you and be more open to meeting you. But of course, it is up to you whether you want to get involved in serious relationships or not. The only important thing is that she considers you to be a serious person, which is what Colombian dating sites allow.

Seducing Colombian Singles

Times have changed and so has the relationship between men and women. Thanks to dating sites, there are new dating codes. And some people are confused, not knowing how to go about it so the seduction phase is done with respect and consent.

Boosting your seduction potential, by combining vulnerability and virility, is possible! Pleasing yourself is the best way to please others and become a real Colombian wife finder.

The codes of seduction have changed and looking for younger age is easier than ever. The fight for equality between men and women and the new territories conquered by the latter have turned the reference points upside down. Using international dating websites is only half of the path.

Forget Your Preconceived Notions

Many preconceived notions about men are still common: fear of commitment, emotional immaturity, obsessive sex, etc. The opposite is also true. Real Colombian women are often perceived as demanding, and too complicated. All clichés! As a result, both men and women cultivate beliefs, sometimes negative, which create unnecessary tension when you visit site to meet hot babes. It is necessary to “rethink your beliefs”.

Cultivate Your Charisma

Cultivate your aura! It’s all about charisma, a kind of natural charm that Colombian ladies are attracted to. Charisma is a set of personality elements that gives you a particular charm. The more you develop characteristics that enhance you, the more you will increase your influence on a dating site.

All you have to do is create favorable circumstances to shine for girls online. By being very comfortable in your element, it will be easier for you to make a good impression. You’re an amazing salsa dancer, ask her to dance. If you know how to cook, put on your chef’s hat and apron to prepare a memorable meal. The keyword: look your best! Don’t forget to talk about it on dating websites.

Bring Out Your Qualities

It’s very attractive to have someone who has a real universe. All the more so in a society that seeks to format us. But first of all, you need to know yourself better to bring out the best for international dating.

Get off the beaten track and go in search of yourself. Put forward your uniqueness, a talent that characterizes you, a particular hobby, a passion. By intriguing girls online, you capture their attention.

Understanding Colombian Mail Order Bride

The inexorable march toward parity can lead to some confusion about male/female identity. Use the best dating sites to find common ground. This is easier when we are in the known territory: between men or women. However, it is the difference that finds the desire! So, we want to be able to better apprehend Colombian mail order bride for a love encounter.

Treat Colombian brides better. Simply enjoy their company on a dating site. It’s about letting go of your goals, closing the deal on the first night, or talking about babies. It’s reassuring for a woman to feel appreciated for who she is. Also, by hanging out with women, you will better understand their worldviews, their way of thinking, their issues, and the need for their struggles. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends for advice before using a dating site.

Be a Good Listener and Empathize

The change in codes is essential that there is no longer an alpha male. One is equal to the other. And you treat Colombian brides with empathy. Today’s man is no longer obliged to be manly at all costs. On the contrary, developing his heart qualities is an asset. A Latin woman will feel it and will trust you more.


Now it’s time to conclude our article about dating a girl from Colombia. We hope that this article has helped you and that it will allow you to date women from Colombia. It is important to make her understand that you are a serious person. If it will be possible for a while to get naive Colombian girls, it will not be possible anymore.

Take the lead and start acting like a man who gives the impression that he wants a real love relationship on online dating sites. To prepare properly for your trip to Colombia, consider registering with Latin American Cupid. This will allow you to get to know a few girls and cover dating site expenses beforehand. We wish you good luck to marry a Colombian chick.


How do Colombian brides assess men?

They are particular about their appearance and want a man to be the same, even when you just visit the site. Anything unusual, but no baggy or athletic attire, please. You have a great chance of impressing a beautiful Latin woman if you arrive at the restaurant in a luxurious suite. A beautiful hairdo and a nice manicure are highly appreciated by Colombian brides. For the beach, save the shorts and T-shirts.

Is it easy to date Colombian females?

Because many Colombian males do not respect traditional family values, many Colombian ladies are open to marrying outsiders. However, they also take longer than Western women to develop an intimate relationship. For them to develop feelings of attachment for the foreigners, it takes one or two months.

Do Colombian brides want to build a family?

Colombian families have around 3-5 children over 1-2 children that make up a contemporary family in the USA. The situation is significantly different in Bogotá and Medellin, Colombia's second-largest city, but the majority of Colombian singles have their sights set on having a large family.

Updated on Jul 2022

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